How to use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to copy dvds

DVD Shrink software rips ISO files from dvd disks and offers a variety of shrinking options in order to choose what content of the dvd to burn later. Then comes at this stage the use of DVD Decrypter than can burn those ISO files in a new DVD disk.
But let’s see in in 5 steps how to use those 2 software together in order to burn dvd disks:

1. You need to open the DVD drive of your PC or laptop and insert the DVD that you want to burn. CD disks are not ok in this case.

2. Open DVD Shrink software interface and choose the dvd you want to rip from the “Choose Files” menu.

3. Choose the compression rate that you prefer, i would suggest to leave the default compression rate that is optimized with this software for the best performance. The compression will be enough to fit a movie of a double layer dvd in a disk of 4.7 GB.

4. Click the button Backup and then choose the ISO image file and click again OK.

5. Open DVD Decrypter software now and burn the ISO image file to a disk. You will there the “Mode” menu and then choose “Write”, extract the ISO file from the “Source” button and you will your files coming up on the screen. Then click the “Write” button and you will start burning the file straight away. It will take a little bit of time, that depends on the size of the ISO, but you will be notified when the process is done!

Check here the screenshot of the dvd decrypter software:








6. Your DVD is ready, now enjoy and watch your movie or video! We hope that we helped you to use those 2 software together to burn dvds easily! Contact us in case you have problems with the use of those 2 software together!

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